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Access a complimentary copy of  this book now to receive a detailed overview of Japanese Business Law.

This book serves as a strong resource for multinational enterprises seeking a unified, comprehensive English publication covering the major areas of Japanese law.



Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is a leading Japanese law firm with decades of experience in advising enterprises from across the globe on doing business in Japan. Each chapter of this book represents the collective expertise of the firm’s specialists in the relevant practice areas and the dedication of the editorial team.



Introduction to Japanese Business Law & Practice is an ideal first point of reference on Japanese business law for the English reader, providing a concise overview of the Japanese laws relevant to corporate and financial enterprises.

This 5th edition reflects legal developments since the 4th edition and maintains a focus on topics of interest to the international business person, such as the cross-border flow of goods, services and capital funds.

Each chapter was written by a team of specialist lawyers, supported by a team of researchers, translators, and editors.

Unless otherwise stated, the information contained in this text reflects the prevailing Japanese legal and regulatory framework as of June 30, 2021.

In an increasingly globalized world economy, it is essential for multinational enterprises to have a current and accurate understanding of the laws and regulations of each country and jurisdiction in which they conduct business. This book serves as a helpful resource for multinational enterprises seeking a unified and comprehensive English publication that covers all major areas of Japanese business law.


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